2010 MTNA Competition

Winners and state representatives will advance to the MTNA Division Competitions in January. Teachers names are listed in parentheses. Many thanks to David Westfall, Margreet Francis and Carolyn Halsted, who chair the MTNA competitions within the Connecticut State Music Teachers Association.

MTNA Junior Piano Performance Competition
Representative: Annling Wang (Svitlana Fiorito)

MTNA Junior String Performance Competition
Representative: Emily Nishiwaki (Janice Lamarre)

MTNA Senior Composition Competition
Winner: Felix Jarrar (Burton Hatheway)
Honorable Mention: Gregory Schaefer (Paul Levi)

MTNA Senior Piano Competition
Winner: Alex Beyer (Yoshie Akimoto)
Alternate: Angela Chen (Fabio Witkowski)
Honorable Mention: Esther Woo (Gisele Witkowski)

MTNA Senior String Performance Competition
Winner: Lillian Lee (Annie Trepanier)
Alternate: Gunnar Moll (Teri Einfeldt)

MTNA Young Artist Piano Performance Competition
Representative: Stefan Gurtner (David Westfall/ Luiz de Moura Castro)

MTNA Young Artist Woodwind Performance Competition
Winner: Carin Powell, Flute (Barbara Hopkins)
Alternate: Sophie Roy, Flute (Barbara Hopkins)

MTNA Chamber Music Competition
Winner: Arioso Trio (Carrie Koffman)
Anthony Speranza / Saxophone; Kendra Emery / Saxophone; Cihan Yucel / Piano
Alternate: Ineo Saxophone Quartet (Carrie Koffman)
Mallory Kokus / tenor saxophone; Kindall NeSmith / alto saxophone; Joseph Abad / soprano saxophone; Andrew Studenski / baritone saxophone

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